Light language code
Light language

Light Language Codes

Light language codes.

My experience of : Light language codes.
Light language is a translation of light. A vibration, a vibration that passes through the soul. The soul is telepathic. The soul knows what it can do with these codes of information. 

Light language is multidimensional, it is converting light into sound. It is a language from the heart. It goes beyond the head.

Light language is filled with codes. How can you experience these codes?
You can see these codes as information. Light is information. Energy is and contains information. 
When you consider that everything is energy and everything has a vibration. You are able to convert everything into codes. In the energy field you can program things with codes. But also reprogramme, clear and delete things. Think of it as a computer simulation. Where you can create your own reality, if you are open to it. Think how energy flows, and where it wants to flow. It flows where your intention goes. As there is no good or bad. Energy simply responds on the intention, one way or another.

Light language codes can contain various information. There is an infinite possibility in the field of being. Unconsciously you are already creating. But how cool is it to create consciously? Deliberately creating in the field as it was once intended. You are not only part of creation, but also creation itself.

The codes in light language activate you on levels that your head cannot reach. It activates your DNA, Cell memory, and shakes loose that no longer fits in your field and reality. It makes its way through your system. Throughout all your energy layers and selves. You are a multi dimensional being. You are not only human. Light language can help you open up and remembers you with what you really are. You are light, love, vibration. You are creation itself. You are experiencing yourself through all the dimensions and the endless possibilities

You can use light language codes in different ways:

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Dancing/ Movement

  • Sign language

  • Drawing

And so there are several ways, let it flow through you and let it happen how it wants to arise.

In my activation library you will find several light language activations that can speed up processes. 

I have been working with light language for 3 years now, it helps me to get through the processes very quickly. Which makes me feel more and more free within myself every single day. In sessions you also notice that people respond very well to light language as well. 

It is sometimes a bit weird at first. But what I get back from people about the light language is that they recognize it. That it feels like home. And a lot also say that they now remember that they spoke light language as a child, but that it was often told  by the parents that it was crazy, a part of their imagination or scary. Which caused things to slip shut again.

More and more people speak light language. In the Netherlands (Nederland) too. ( I live and work in Holland). My practice name is Healtobefree. 


Everything I share, I share from my experience. I always try to share everything with you from the heart. I try to reach out to those who want to receive. It is a journey of trust. And knowing that you already have everything to make impossible things possible.
I ka na ma eh.

Soon I will share the following blogs and information with you:

What is light language?

Light language translation. How exactly can you translate light language?

Light language Symbols

Can you learn Light Language?

So stay tuned!

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